Recruitment and selection

You have a vacancy which needs to be matched with the right candidate as soon and as accurately as possible? THOP specialises in the recruitment of procurement and facility management profiles. By taking over partial or total control of the process, according to your wishes, we find you a tailor-made candidate, so that you can focus on your core business.
At the start of the recruitment assignment, we conduct a preliminary investigation in order to obtain a complete and detailed picture of your needs. Additionally, we ask about the behavioural and technical competencies required and form an analysis of the background required in order to fill a certain position. Afterwards, we develop the ideal recruitment strategy together with you.
After having agreed what job-related competencies and skills your dream candidate has to fulfil, we get to work. We find a perfect match for your vacancy in a discreet and personal manner. As soon as we have found the right candidate, we thoroughly evaluate him/her, followed by a possible recommendation.

  • Our own extensive database contains thousands of motivated candidates whom we can reach immediately and efficiently. But that’s not all. In the meantime, we continuously maintain our network and take an active part in seminars, workshops, exchanges and events specifically aimed at procurement and facility professionals. Furthermore, we actively continue our search via external databases such as Stepstone, Monster, etc.
  • If it isn’t desirable to recruit via the usual channels, we look for suitable candidates via an executive search. This is done with every discretion and in mutual consultation. In this way, we are able to identify the companies we may potentionally contact, after which we turn to them in a discreet and personal manner.
  • Your vacancy can also be launched offline or via social media. Due to our years of experience and on the basis of the preliminary inquiry, we are able to advise you on what is the right medium for your vacant position.
  • You have several vacancies for a similar profile? At THOP, we solve this by starting a process of continuous recruitment for a specified period of time. This allows us to find you all the suitable candidates efficiently, without needing you to worry.