Contract & Supplier Relation Management

Contract Management

Your supplier can have an important impact on the continuity of your business. In order to minimise your company risks in the supply process, good and measurable agreements are necessary.
Procurement organisations in development are spending more and more attention to securing these agreements with contracts, where the management is often underestimated. Often the objectives and expectations in procurement contracts have not been clearly defined. As a result, the details regarding prices, payment, shipping and many other conditions remain vague.
Due to insufficient monitoring of agreements reached, companies are losing hard cash and are exposing themselves to various risks.
THOP offers you insights in order to develop a sound Contract Management Strategy, which covers the drafting and monitoring of contracts and the streamlining of processes and systems.
By investing in Contract management, companies can make significant cost savings, increase their revenue and improve their after-sales service. At the same time, they can handle purchase and sales opportunities in a more systematic fashion.
Our solutions turn uncertainty and ambiguity into structure and information.

Supplier Relation Management
THOP masters the major elements of a Supplier Relationship Management program. We put you in an ideal position in order to manage your supplier relations as effectively as possible thanks to a clear control system on your suppliers. With one simple measuring and communication system, you are able to continually improve quality together with your suppliers.