Procurement Transformation

In order to implement cost savings on the company performances and to improve the global efficiency of an organisation, THOP concentrates on optimising the entire organisational structure, processes and systems during the complete transformation of procurement services.
Thanks to THOP’s structured program, companies with whom we work together become leader in the area of procurement performances.

Re-drawing the procurement function

Cost management and reduction have become an essential necessity for companies. More than ever, companies realise that procurement development is also the key to their ROE by continually looking at procurement savings and by continually improving supplier relations.
By combining our fresh ideas with unparalleled experience, we aid our clients in creating best-practice processes, utilising innovative technologies, offering standards and measuring tools, and in designing procurement models that result in Procurement Leadership. Our practical approach provides in the development of a complete procurement function with recurrent far-reaching cost reductions.

Assessment and design of your organization

the best procurement organisational projects are those with the toughest questions to which we find the cleverest answers. THOP defines the role and responsibilities of the procurement organization and assesses the present and/or desired skills and competences, and guide companies in make-or-buy decisions or in launching a centralised or decentralised procurement function.
THOP not only focusses on the procurement skills which need to be developed throughout the company, but also aids in monitoring the compliance thereof and assists companies in how to cope with Maverick Buying or other potential pitfalls which could undermine your procurement performances.