Interim management of detachering

If you require additional support during a project or if you wish to reinforce your team for a specified period of time, this formula will perfectly suit your needs. We have employees and external specialists in the fields of purchasing and facility management at our disposal, who cooperate with your company in order to make a difference.
Depending on your wishes, our professionals will support you for a short, medium or long term. For the entirety of the project, you will be the only one firmly holding the strings. Additionally, you may count on our sustained commitment and support where needed.
THOP will not put just any employee at your disposal: as is the case with recruitment and selection, we guarantee a candidate who will make a difference for your project. We are able to ensure this, only due to our many years of cooperation with various organisations and the expertise we acquired as a result. Furthermore, we have access to our own extensive database bursting with talented people ready to lend their temporary support to your project.
Due to our expertise in this field we can guarantee to deliver professionals who will lend you more than just their know-how. In the most complex of projects, they distinguish themselves thanks to their skills, experience and passion for what they do. Contact us